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Bart Carts Cartridges have been known as a distillate oil cartridge that professes to contain premium oil, and keeping in mind that the advertised quality captured our interest, the brand was what convinced us to test out the item. The information we gathered about this item was just the alleged quality of the “premium” oil, strains in each flavor, range of 82%-87% THC level, and that Bart carts might be a recent item that has entered the market late a year ago (an inference we have made based on the main posting of their item on their Instagram site that is dated September 2018). Furthermore, as one of our primary concerns before attempting a cartridge, we hope to verify the THC levels and components inside the cartridge.

For being a newly marketed vape cartridge, we had a large selection, relative to its time in the market, of flavors to choose from and a range of strains from Sativa to Indica to Hybrids. The rundown of flavors being offered to date are the accompanying Boss OG (Indica), Runtz (Indica), Watermelon Skittles (Hybrid), Maui Wowie (Sativa), Wookies, D’oh Si Do (Hybrid), Papaya (Indica), Banner (Hybrid), Banana Kush (Hybrid), and Purple Punch (Hybrid).

Buy Bart Carts Online,  That’s right, sales of disposable cannabis oil cartridges that pair with a vaporizer battery are surging. Meanwhile, sales of raw, cured-flower buds—the kind that stinks up your clothes—have flattened out. But exactly how we talk about and buy vape carts is still pretty basic. We don’t have any of the vocabularies that flower aficionados have, let alone what a wine or cigar aficionado is expected to know. If vape carts are going to dominate, how we scrutinize them is going to have to evolve.

3 reviews for Bart Carts

  1. feviseco

    I’ve tried over a dozen of the best vape pens and this is by far the best yet. Get yourself one. Great job!!!!!!!

  2. bemeva

    Great product! Great design! Pulls like a cigarette! I would call myself a seasoned vape veteran.

  3. jajarofof

    Excellent design! Greet works!

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